July 20, 2022

Blog Post

Around the world, firefighting professionals are becoming more aware and proactively addressing issues of occupational health and safety. In the normal course of their job, firefighters encounter multiple carcinogens, frequently at dangerous levels, and the danger doesn’t end when the job is done. Contaminants can remain on gear, stubbornly resistant to conventional cleaning methods, only to affect the firefighter later and repeatedly. Moreover, toxic molecules can accumulate after multiple incomplete cleaning attempts, building up over time in the membrane and layers of PPE. We believe every firefighter has earned the right to full protection from the PPE, not just when it is new but over the life of the gear. Because of our unique process, the gear life is extended, over what traditional cleaning generally experiences. Emergency Technical Decon can clean all types of firefighting gear and equipment. Turnout coat, pants, boots, gloves, helmet, masks, radio straps, and many other items firefighters and departments carry and use including items within apparatus cabs.

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