Advanced Turnout Gear Cleaning Technology that Saves Lives

Emergency Technical Decon (ETD) uses next-gen cleaning technology to keep firefighters safe. ETD deep cleans a firefighter’s gear of dangerous carcinogens while significantly increasing the lifespan of their equipment.

The Reality

Firefighters encounter multiple carcinogens, frequently at dangerous levels. Contaminants resistant to conventional cleaning methods build up over time only to affect the firefighter’s long-term health and safety as well as the performance of their gear.

Our Mission

Firefighter health and safety is our primary mission. We believe every firefighter has earned the right to full protection from the PPE, not just when it is new but over the life of the gear.

The ETD Difference

Emergency Technical Decon uses next-gen CO2 cleaning technology to keep firefighters safe, while significantly increasing the lifespan of their equipment.


How Toxic Removal Works

In traditional cleaning methods, water only cleans the surface of waterproof gear. Our liquid CO2+ is combined with environmentally-friendly additives that penetrate past the top layer of gear to remove carcinogens of all kinds, including dangerous NFPA-specified substances.

ETD captures toxins at the molecular level, resulting in far more effective cleaning.

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State-of-the-Art Cancer Prevention

Decades of studies have shown that firefighters are exposed to numerous carcinogens when they respond to fires. These carcinogens seep deep into their gear, making their job dangerous even after the fire is out. Traditional turnout gear cleaning methods only clean the surface of their equipment, leaving layers of dangerous chemicals that build up over time.

Compared to traditional bunker cleaning methods, ETD uses less energy and less water while also providing a deeper clean that removes dangerous carcinogens from firefighters’ and other first responders’ gear.

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Eco Friendly

ETD saves big on water and energy.
The CO2 is recycled for later use, and all contaminants are disposed of safely and responsibly.

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Less water needed, recycled CO2, and safe contaminant disposal

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Removes toxins to undetectable levels

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Liquid CO2 treatments and our gear repair extend your gear's useful life

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Competitive pricing with complete decontamination

CO2+ Process Proven Effective

Two recent studies evaluated the ETD Liquid CO2+ process removing PFAS contamination and lithium-ion contamination from firefighter gear. Using NFPA 1851-2020 procedures, it demonstrated the process effectively capturing these toxins, reducing health risks for firefighters.

How To Use Our Turnout Gear Cleaning Services

1. Talk to us about your cleaning needs so we can plan for your gear.
2. When your cleaning window arrives, box up your gear and ship it with your preferred shipping company.
3. We'll clean your gear and send it back to you. Our gear techs can make repairs as well.
4. When your gear arrives back at the house, you can use it with confidence knowing it’s the cleanest it can be.

    It's that simple.