Turnout Gear Decontamination Services

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Emergency Technical Decon (ETD) revolutionizes turnout gear cleaning.

Using water to clean waterproof garments has understandably been problematic. Our patented cleaning process utilizes liquid CO2 to clean turnout gear more deeply and increase the life of PPE, all while using less water and energy. Our process can eliminate up to 100% of harmful toxins from PPE used by safety and healthcare workers, creating safer working conditions.

Our liquid CO2 process is not a washing machine

ETD provides first responders with safer working conditions. Period. Our patented process uses the low surface tension and viscosity of liquid CO2 to penetrate even the most waterproof layers of PPE. Our multi-rinse process disposes of dangerous contaminants while recycling the CO2 used in cleaning. Multiple CO2 machines allow the rapid return of PPE to first responders.
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Our Gear techs can do miracles

At some point, all turnout gear fails under normal firefighting activity. But until our skilled technicians can bring gear back to life by fixing punctures, abrasions, tears and neglect. And, they can ensure the gear stands up to the rigorous requirements of the job. This service has saved millions of dollars for our clients. Before throwing away damaged gear, let us look at it. You’ll be surprised what we can save.
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