Firefighter Cancer Support Resources

Job-induced cancers in firefighting are preventable, but the first step is gaining knowledge. The links provided below cover a range of resources and information for firefighters and those who work in the fire service regarding the risks of cancer associated with the profession. Firefighters face a higher risk of developing cancer due to exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins in the line of duty, and these links provide valuable information on how to reduce this risk. These resources include partnerships between organizations such as the International Association of Fire Fighters and the American Cancer Society, as well as studies and research initiatives like the Firefighter Cancer Cohort Study established by FEMA.

Cancer Support Resources

The links below encompass a comprehensive collection of resources, support networks, and informational content from the IAFC,, the NFPA and others. These resources offer guidance in a variety of areas from proper equipment cleaning, reducing exposure to carcinogens, and best practices for reducing the overall risk of cancer among firefighters.

IAFF American Cancer Society

IAFF American Cancer Society is a partnership between the International Association of Fire Fighters and the American Cancer Society, focused on reducing the risk of cancer among firefighters and improving treatment outcomes.

Firefighters and Cancer's Firefighters and Cancer page explores the link between firefighting and cancer, including the chemicals and toxins firefighters are exposed to on the job.

Firefighter Cancer Awareness (CDC)

The Firefighter Cancer Awareness feature on the CDC website provides information and resources for firefighters to reduce their risk of cancer, including best practices for equipment cleaning and decontamination.

Firefighter Cancer Support Network


The Firefighter Cancer Support Network provides resources and support to firefighters who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as their families and departments.


Resources from the International Association of Fire Fighters including an online cancer awareness course.

Firefighter Cancer Cohort Study (established by FEMA in 2016)

The Firefighter Cancer Cohort Study, established by FEMA in 2016, is a long-term study exploring the links between firefighting and cancer, with the goal of improving prevention and treatment.

FireRescue1 Cancer Content Hub

FireRescue1's Cancer Content Hub provides news, resources, and best practices for firefighters and departments to reduce the risk of cancer and improve treatment outcomes.

Firefighters and Cancer (NFPA)

The NFPA's Firefighters and Cancer page provides resources and information on best practices for reducing the risk of cancer among firefighters, including equipment cleaning and decontamination.

IAFC Cancer Prevention Posters

The IAFC Fire Prevention Posters provide visual resources for fire departments to educate their members and communities about best practices for reducing the risk of cancer.